Timber and log trucks based on Volvo FMX chassis

The role of trucks in the development of both internal and external economy cannot be underestimated. More than half of all transportation is carried out in this way. When transporting expensive, oversized goods over long distances, in the logistics system, servicing the agricultural complex, trucks are used.

Reliable brand

One of the largest heavy truck brands in the world is Volvo Trucks, based on 3 core values:

  • Quality - cars pass all possible Tests, so the company provides a 100% guarantee of trouble-free operation. Monitoring the truck with the help of telematics communication with the workshop, allows you to reduce the repair time, as specialists already know in advance about malfunctions.
  • Security - a grandiose development in this area — a three-point seat belt, has already saved millions of lives.
  • Environmental friendliness — the main positions in this direction are energy efficiency and alternative fuels, and the production process should be made CO2-neutral, the first such plant in the world has already been opened. Two fully electric trucks have also been released.

The company has more than 2000 dealerships and workshops where highly qualified specialists work only with original spare parts.


A line of heavy trucks has been developed to work in the toughest conditions. These reliable machines are able to transport heavy loads without getting bogged down in difficult ground and on difficult terrain. In Volvo FMX everything is thought out to provide effective transportation of cargo and to create safe and comfortable conditions for the driver:

  • updated diesel engines that meet the Euro 6 standard are distinguished by reduced fuel consumption, with a capacity of 330 to 540 horsepower;
  • regardless of the terrain conditions, due to the rear air suspension-the ride is smooth;
  • automatic traction control gives the truck more maneuverability while saving fuel and wear;
  • lifting the axle allows you to disconnect and raise the drive axle after unloading;
  • dynamic steering, I-Shift transmission.

Choosing a Volvo FMX car, you can order a complete set for specific purposes, adding the necessary functions, as well as a suitable driver's cab from 4 options.

Timber and log trucks

Transportation of forest — this is a separate category of road cargo transportation, since railway tracks are not always laid to the cutting sites.Road transportation of timber is carried out on special equipment — timber trucks and log trucks, which are built on the basis of the chassis.

Log truck - this is a type of logging truck designed to transport timber up to 8 meters.Logging equipment is a truck with a trailer, on which, depending on the size and volume of the cargo, a superstructure is formed.

A distinctive characteristic of timber trucks and log trucks is:

  • the presence of cones-vertical limiters around the perimeter of the platform;
  • protective plate separating the cabin from the load;
  • anti-slip toothed elements that provide reliable fixation of logs.

Not every truck is suitable for transporting logs and lumber. In addition to dimensions and carrying capacity, it is extremely important to prevent breakdowns and easy travel. Therefore, the technique must first of all have increased cross-country ability.

Volvo FMX chassis for timber transport

Among the large assortment of reliable trucks, the most powerful models are suitable for transporting timber, with a reinforced frame, increased ground clearance, and crankcase protection. The Volvo FMX chassis with a 6x4 wheel formula and a 500 and 540 hp diesel engine have become favorites in the forest transport segment.

  • At the heart of the truck is a powerful steel frame, a reliable running system with parabolic springs reinforced at the front, stabilizers of lateral stability, a strong bumper.
  • On the chassis of the Volvo FMX 6x4, an air suspension can be installed, all parts of which are located above the bridge beam, which increases ground clearance and increases the level of Cross-Country ability.
  • The car has increased stability even with a maximum load of 23 tons both during driving and during loading and unloading.
  • The automated 12-speed I-Shift manual transmission is modern and time-tested. When working with very heavy loads, there is a new feature-two downshifts.
  • The driver's cab is attached with a mechanical suspension. It is safe and as comfortable as possible with an updated instrument panel, the necessary functions displayed on the steering wheel, heated exterior mirrors, a comfortable seat on an air suspension.For convenience, an additional step has been created to enter the cabin.
  • The cargo platform with a length of 5.2 M and a width of 2.3 meters allows you to build any superstructure, including for the transportation of timber.
  • Fuel tank capacity — 415 liters.

In addition, trucks are distinguished by a reliable braking system, good visibility, vibration protection of the workplace, dynamism on the track.

The chassis features a high air intake and footrest in the front of the body.

Volvo is constantly working to increase the uptime of transport, excluding unplanned stops along the way.Therefore, choosing a Volvo chassis for the construction of timber trucks and log trucks, the chances of a cargo delay on the way are minimal.