Presentation of the Maz-man 6x6 log truck

On February 5, 2019, the presentation of a new log truck on an all-wheel drive 6x6 Maz-man chassis, produced by our company in cooperation with the MAZ-man plant (Belarus), took place. This event was attended by representatives of organizations engaged in the forest business: Vologda timber producers group, Rusles LLC, Monza LLC, Sovega LLC, Trihaus LLC, Scania and others. This is not the first log truck manufactured by US on the Maz-man chassis for our customers. In the future, we continue to plan to produce such cars, because they are equipped according to European standards and with European quality, and the cost is much lower than imported analogues.

Characteristics of the Maz-man chassis

  • Wheelbase 5000 mm, chassis capacity 28 tons,
  • inline 6-cylinder MAN D2676LF09 engine with 480 hp turbocharger and intercooled charge air, electronically controlled Common Rail diesel fuel injection, with AdBlue,
  • Noise-absorbing (80 dBA) and dirt-proof screens (encapsulation) of the engine,  
  • Gearbox ZF16 with divider,
  • Transfer case "Man" G 253 mechanical, two-stage (with downshift for off-road driving), with lockable differential,  
  • Hande Axle axles (with load up to 16 tons),
  • Permanent drive of driving axles with locking of inter-axle and Inter-wheel differentials of rear driving axles
  • WABCO ABS brake system,
  • Tires Brigestone L355EVO: 9 PCs – tubeless – 315/80R22,5; Continental HSC1: 2 PCs. - tubeless-385/65R22, 5
  • Engine preheater EBERSPACHER Hidronic M-11 12 kW, 24V,  
  • cruise control, climate control, power windows and other useful options necessary for comfortable operation of the sorting truck.

Superstructure characteristics

  • The loading space was equipped with a sorting truck.:
  • Material Finnish steel SSAB STRENX 650-960
  • Conics have a 5-angle profile tapering upwards
  • External height-maximum up to 4.10 meters.
  • Width-2550 mm outside, 2350 mm inside
  • Permissible load on the base of the cone with a uniform load of up to 9 tons
  • Aluminum front shield without a trap, consists of set aluminum panels, so it has high maintainability (if damaged, you do not need to replace the entire shield, you can replace one or more panels)    
  • - the coefficient of strength is 1.5 times higher than the steel analogue, in the section it has 2 Walls, 3 mm thick, plus internal longitudinal stiffeners 3 mm thick. Hinged connection of four jumpers of the front cone with an aluminum shield.
  • 4 belt / cable winches with belts
  • The superframe is made of imported perforated profile
  • The flooring is made of corrugated metal/ moisture resistant plywood   
  • Wings combined plastic Damar + aluminum or only plastic Damar.
  • Side decking behind the shield aluminum
  • Bolted connections (jumpers, fasteners, cones, decking, wings, superframe, frame and shield) - bolts of strength class 10.9 with self-locking nuts.
  • Galvanized overframe, tool box, ladder, corrugated metal flooring.

We always work on quality for our customers and strive for the best!!!

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