Special equipment for leasing

Today leasing of special equipment is an actual solution for those who can estimate all prospects of development in the field of construction and mechanical engineering. Such a special type of investment activity allows the leasing company to purchase special transport and equipment from the manufacturer on favorable terms, and then lease it to the client on certain conditions and for a bilaterally agreed fee.

The period for which special equipment is rented is set individually for each individual case. The fulfillment of all the conditions of the signed agreement implies the further transfer of ownership of the leasing object to the lessee.

Buy special equipment for leasing in Vologda or Arkhangelsk

Production capacityompania "RUSSIAN TRUCK" engaged in the sale of logging, agricultural, construction machinery, as well as trailers and semi-trailers. The organization has its own production, so special equipment for leasing for individuals in cooperation with the company is not only profitable, but also available to both large and small businesses.

Leasing organizations such as: Europlan, Baltic leasing, VTB-leasing and others offer their interest rates and payment terms.

In any case, buying a lease will be more profitable than on credit. One of the most favorable conditions are those offered by Sberbank leasing JSC. His example can show how this program works. The borrower submits the most concise list of documents, a simplified procedure for assessing the financial condition of the recipient, after which an application for leasing is made.

The lease term can be from 12 to 48 months, and the amount of financing - up to 24 million rubles.

Payment schedules can be of several types:

  • annuity (the amount of the monthly payment remains unchanged throughout the term of the contract),
  • differentiated (monthly payment decreases as the amount of outstanding debt decreases),
  • decreasing (payments gradually decrease from the maximum first payment to the minimum last).

Such programs make it possible to increase the efficiency of any business projects and make the firm's position in the market stronger without the risk of losing its own financial resources. For more information, please call: +7 (911) 522-57-71