Timber and log trucks based on MAZMAN 6x6 chassis

Transportation of forest material is impossible without special equipment. Modern heavy-duty trucks and chassis, on the basis of which timber and log trucks are built, have left far behind their primitive predecessors. These are machines with high cross-country ability, high load capacity, minimal wear and fuel consumption.

Maz-man - manufacturer of trucks of European level

Шасси МАЗМАН - сортаментовоз

A large Belarusian-German enterprise produces more than 3,000 pieces of equipment per year. Focusing on the requests of the buyer, the highest requirements are placed on the production of equipment here. All products comply with European regulations and directives.

The Maz-man technique is different:

  • trouble-free engine;
  • reliable braking system;
  • modern and highly functional power drive;
  • an extensive range of chassis;
  • comfortable conditions for the driver.

All cars in terms of exhaust and noise comply with Euro 5 standards.

Model range of Maz-man equipment

As a result of successful cooperation with the German concern, all trucks are equipped with engines, radiators, mufflers, filters manufactured by MAN (Germany). In this regard, cars are characterized by low fuel consumption and extremely rare need for repair. At the request of the client, the equipment can be equipped with the necessary set of functions.

Saddle trucks

Presented in three versions of the wheel Formula: 4x2, 6x4, 6x6.

Designed to transport various loads with a gross weight of 40 to 80 tons independently or as part of a road train.Work with semi-trailers, on diesel engines 400-440 HP, gearbox-16 speed+2 reverse., fuel tank capacity from 300 to 700 liters.It is possible to install a cab to choose from several options for configuration, options, color scheme.

For work in extreme conditions (-60 degrees), as well as impassable roads, the 6x6 model is adapted. the truck is equipped with a reinforced frame, an additional cabin heater and engine heating.

Dump trucks

6x4, 6x6 — due to the high carrying capacity-27 tons, and the volume of cargo up to 18 M3, are characterized by increased productivity and low operating costs. These are powerful trucks with diesel engines up to 480 hp, gearbox — 16+2, reinforced frame, low short cabin without sleeping places.

6x6-adapted for cold climates and poor roads.

Special Offers are also issued, for example, a dump truck for cleaning roads.

Chassis 6x2, 6x4

Шасси МАЗМАН - лесовоз

Designed to install various add-ons in the form of a platform, Body, special equipment. They are used both separately and in a road train, equipped with German powerful engines up to 480 hp.carrying capacity of 17-31 tons, a spacious fuel tank. Model 6x2 has a 16+2 speed gearbox, 6x4— 9+1-reverse.

Cabins of two options: low without sleeping places or high with places to sleep.

In addition to trucks, Maz-man equipment includes loaders of different configurations and snow and swamp walkers.

Transportation of wood-chassis Maz-man 6x6

According to the rules of transportation of timber, it is necessary to use special equipment — logging trucks and their varieties — log trucks. Depending on the dimensions of the logs, select the appropriate type of road transport. This can be a truck with a trailer or semi-trailer, as well as a chassis with a special Superstructure or with a platform for it.

Equipment for the transportation of timber should be equipped with U-shaped welded structures to limit logs and anti-skid elements-for their reliable fixation. An important criterion for choosing a truck is its cross-country ability, which eliminates unforeseen stops along the way.

Прицеп для перевозки леса

Chassis 6x6

From the Maz-MAN Truck Line, a chassis with a 6x6 wheel formula is used to transport timber. Timber trucks and log trucks are being built on its basis. The decisive factors in favor of choosing this model are increased patency and adaptation to low temperature conditions.

  • As part of the road train, a total weight of up to 90 tons is allowed. Strong turbo-diesel German engine 440 hp is equipped with the function of limiting and maintaining speed.
  • Installed 16-speed plus two reverse gear box and transfer case made in Germany.
  • On the left is a fuel tank with a volume of 300, 500, 700 liters.
  • Frame reinforced construction.
  • The choice is a high cabin with sleeping places or low — without them. Both configurations are comfortable and equipped with all the necessary options.

It is extremely important for long-distance cargo transportation, in difficult climatic and road conditions, to avoid transport breakdowns on the way. This is fraught with a violation of delivery times, a decrease in the quality of the cargo, a difficult situation for the driver. You can avoid such problems only using the right technique.