Timber and log trucks based on IVECO chassis

With the development of the country's economy, the volume of cargo transportation also increases. More than 80% of the total amount, including the transportation of timber, is carried out by road. There are a number of reasons for this: fast delivery of perishable goods, transportation of cargo directly from the starting point and "to the door", transportation does not depend on the schedule, the ability to organize security on the way and tracking.

IVECO-there is no limit to development

About 50 years ago there was a connection of 5 companies, as a result of which the International Corporation IVECO was formed, which firmly took its place among the world leaders-manufacturers of motor vehicles. In Russia, its representative office was opened in 1991. Since then, the company's dealer network has been constantly expanding, and by now it has covered all federal districts. Two joint Russian-Italian enterprises are already successfully operating in the country.

The main principles of the company are efficiency, quality, energy at all stages of production from development to trade and maintenance of cars.

The company specializes in the production of commercial vehicles — light, medium and heavy, as well as passenger and special purpose.

The company is constantly and dynamically developing, new technologies are being developed and implemented both in production and in quality control, new branches are being opened.

Why IVECO trucks are popular

There are three reasons for choosing the IVECO brand:

  1. Technical characteristics-modern Cursor engines of different power levels comply with Euro 4 and 5 emission standards, which allows cars to move freely around Europe.
  2. It is an acceptable cost, which, given the performance of cars, quickly pays off.
  3. Inexpensive service due to its own spare parts warehouse, a large number of service centers, as well as many bonus programs.

Types of models, characteristics

IVECO trucks are represented by several model ranges. These are saddle trucks, chassis under the superstructure, dump trucks, wagon platforms, timber and log trucks, as well as for transporting smaller volumes — vans of various configurations, tow trucks.


These are 145 models of cars, of which 27 are chassis under the superstructure, more than 70 different configurations of Vans, about 30 are wagon platforms. All cars are different:

  • Fuel efficiency;
  • stiffer brake pads, due to which the brake system has become more efficient;
  • powerful engines with modern technology;
  • availability of online services on flatbed side;
  • comfort and versatility.

Лесовозы и сортиментовозы на базе шасси IVECO

Chassis under the DAILY superstructure - these are light commercial trucks designed to transport cargo and passengers weighing up to 4.5 tons. Suitable for the installation of various vans, wagon platforms, as well as special add-ons. They performed well both on construction trucks and on the track.

Equipped with 146 and 170 hp diesel engines, 6+1 manual transmission, 4x2 wheel formula, fuel tank up to 100 liters, high-strength steel frame, comfortable cabin.


Chassis under the superstructure and with superstructures of this line are medium-tonnage trucks. This is a multi-purpose transport that is used in construction, cargo delivery, as a refrigerator and for other purposes. Thanks to the ability of a strong frame to install superstructures up to 10 meters, the scope of application of these chassis is very extensive.

Chassis under the superstructure they have a total weight of 12-18 tons, a diesel engine of 220-280 hp, a gearbox in different models-a mechanical six-speed and one reverse, robotic and automatic, A 4x2 — wheel formula, a fuel tank of up to 200 liters, a comfortable daytime driver's cabin.

Chassis with superstructures 16 models of various configurations are presented. As superstructures — isothermal, industrial vans, refrigerators, wagon platforms with and without awning, special-garbage trucks, tow trucks. All cars are powered by diesel engines up to 280 horsepower, manual transmission 6+1 or 9+1, have a different height of the superstructure, daytime cab.


These are trucks with a reinforced structure and high carrying capacity — saddle trucks, dump trucks, chassis of different configurations. Cope with any difficult terrain thanks to all-wheel drive 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, there is also a wheel Formula 8x4 and 6x4. powerful Cursor engines in 360 and 500 hp and different types of gearboxes from mechanical to automated.

All models have a system of purification of exhaust gases, which provides economical fuel consumption.

The TRAKKER model range is used in construction, agro-industrial, logging industries.

Equipment for transportation of timber-timber trucks and log trucks

Separately, it is worth highlighting the direction of cargo transportation — transportation of timber, since it has a number of requirements that not every truck meets. These are powerful trucks with trailers or chassis under the superstructure with high cross-country ability. The dimensions of the platform should allow to build timber trucks and log trucks with special devices for fixing logs on the basis of the chassis.


An extensive lineup of heavy trunk trucks, represented by Hi-Road and Hi-Way saddle trucks, chassis. This line is distinguished by powerful engines up to 500 hp, the ability to transport extremely heavy loads over long distances. At the same time, comfort for the driver's work is thought out as much as possible in them. This is a series of the most enduring trucks that are used in various areas of heavy work, including for transporting timber.

Saddle trucks and chassis have a wheel formula of 4x2, 6x2, 6x4, 6x6, which provides cross-country ability in any terrain, different configurations of checkpoints, driver's cabs with a variety of options, a fuel tank of up to 500 liters.

Log truck IVECO-AMT 633920

Designed to transport logs up to 8 meters long, all-wheel drive 6x6 allows you to easily move in any road conditions. The truck can work with trailers with 2,3 and 4 axles., the load capacity is up to 25 tons.

This is a powerful car with an engine of 450-500 hp and a manual 16+2 speed gearbox.

The log truck is equipped with cones and anti-slip elements necessary for the transportation of timber.

When choosing equipment for cargo transportation, it is necessary to focus on factors such as technical characteristics, safety, compliance with the intended purpose. It is necessary to focus on the reputation of the manufacturer, which consists of many years of consumer feedback. IVECO cars have proven to be one of the most reliable even in extreme operating conditions.