Special equipment on credit

Production capacityompania "RUSSIAN TRUCK" engaged in the implementation of special equipment and its further maintenance. The acquisition of equipment is possible with the use of credit funds. Since the vast majority of our clients are legal entities, a more profitable option may be to purchase through leasing. But you can also use loans from various banks.

Buy special equipment on credit in Vologda and Arkhangelsk

Especially profitable programs are provided by Sberbank of Russia. The fact is that today a joint action of the banking organization and the Government of the Republic of Belarus is being carried out to purchase Maz equipment. At the same time, special preferential conditions are provided for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs with Russian citizenship. You can take advantage of the offer to purchase special equipment on credit by implementing the program «Business Auto " or «Business Investment» from Proproductive company "Russian truck".

The main advantages of a joint campaign include::

  • Partial reimbursement by the Government of Belarus of interest on the principal loan in the amount equivalent to the refinancing rate at the time of conclusion of the agreement.
  • Use as security for various property, including purchased equipment.
  • Extremely reliable and proven suppliers of equipment with an impeccable reputation in this field.

How to buy Maz on credit under a joint program?

The scheme for granting a loan for the purchase of special equipment is to submit an application and then transfer the required amount to the borrower's account. Further repayment of the loan occurs through monthly annuity payments. If the business is seasonal, then it is possible to draw up an individual repayment schedule. For more information, please call: +7 (911) 522-57-71.