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Production company "Russian truck" is official dealer of JSC "lifting machines" sale of hydraulic manipulators VELMASH-S LLC and Epsilon Kran GmbH and Dilerom LLC "Velmash-s" and LLC "Solombalsky machine-building plant" repair and sale of spare parts, fulfillment of warranty obligations and maintenance of manipulators. Cooperates with representatives of factories Maz, KAMAZ, MAN, Volvo, Ural.


Sale of equipment 

The main direction - sale of logging equipment, trailers - log trucks, dissolves, hydraulic manipulators, and cargo, agricultural, municipal, construction equipment, wagon trailers and semi-trailers.

Choosing specialized vehicle, it is necessary first of all to proceed from its transport task. For its effective solution, the staff of the MC "Russian truck" will help you choose the optimal equipment and advise on innovations in the forest industry. After all, today, there is a large selection and it is difficult for the client to decide on the assortment.

Own production

The main direction of the company – logging equipment where it can provide the best price. Therefore, our company has and develops its own production, which is engaged in manufacturing:

  • sorting and logging equipment,
  • Konikov,
  • trucks,
  • bunkers 
  • and other add-ons on cars.

Produces installation all brands manipulators and Crane manipulators. Also engaged in installation of dump trucks, wagon platforms, superstructures, metal bodies for metal transportation, hydraulic equipment of dump trucks, TSU.

In 2020, the production company "Russian truck" received a grant from the fund for the promotion of innovation (http://fasie.ru), the funds of which are directed to the implementation of an innovative project for the organization of mass production of trailed logging equipment with improved performance characteristics. Preparation and submission of an application for the "commercialization" competition was carried out with the support of specialists of the Center for technology transfer and commercialization of the Volsc Ras.

Now we, together with JSC "lifting machines", are developing the direction of forwarders and harvesters on amkodor chassis with OMTL 70-02,OMTL-97 manipulators. Today, such equipment is in particular demand, as it can replace the work of thirty Fellers. Being a dealer, specialists of MC "Russian truck" go to the place of work of the equipment for its repair. warranty and service.

We work with manufacturers of equipment and special equipment without intermediaries and offer favorable terms of cooperation. The client can get the whole range of works and services in one place.

Warranty service of equipment

MC "Russian truck" provides a guarantee determined by the manufacturer and warranty service of the sold equipment. As for service and post-warranty service-it all depends on the desire of the client and his distance from the service center.  A client who has bought motor vehicles, in case of a breakdown, can call a specialist of the company who is engaged in service and warranty service, and solve many issues directly by phone, which is also very convenient.

It is also important that we work with all banks and leasing companies of the Vologda region and other regions.

The production company "Russian truck" has established itself as a reliable partner!


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