Our production

One of the main advantages of our company is our own production, which allows us to provide our customers with the necessary high-quality equipment for the transportation of round timber.

Our production capacity and stock of components allow us to produce equipment in the shortest possible time.

Production covers the entire technological cycle: from development, manufacturing, assembly, to the sale of finished products and service.

The company is equipped with high-tech, modern equipment.

Our own design office is a team of professionals with vast experience in development and design.

High qualification and efficient work of the personnel is the key to the success and high performance of the enterprise.

Continuous customer feedback is used to evaluate the technique and further improve the design.

LLC PK Russian Truck has established itself as a reliable partner of logging enterprises.

We do not stand still, we keep up with the times and actively apply new technologies!

Purpose: for transportation of sortiment up to 6,4 meters long
The strength is 1.5 times higher than that of the steel counterpart
Wheel Formula 2/8+1, Spring Suspension, load length up to 13 m
Wheel Formula 4/16+1, maximum load capacity up to 39 tons