Trailer equipment Maz-types, purpose, advantages

Every day there is a need for transportation of various cargoes both within regions and internationally. An endless stream of trucks moves along the tracks and off-road, delivering tons of cargo to its destination. For efficient transportation of large volumes, heavy, oversized goods can not do without trailed equipment — trailers and semi-trailers.

The value of trailed equipment

If light trucks and vans are enough to deliver small batches of goods to stores, household appliances to the buyer, transportation of things and furniture when moving, then heavy cargo equipment is required to service various industries. The use of trailers and semi-trailers as part of a road train significantly increases efficiency, due to the transportation of a truck several times the volume of cargo.

Прицепная техника МАЗ

Focusing on the specifics of different groups of transported material, there is a large selection of trailed equipment that differs in purpose:

  • Tanks - for liquid products;
  • low-frame semi-trailers - for especially heavy and oversized loads;
  • logging and log trucks;
  • for bulk products;
  • dump trucks;
  • isothermal - to maintain a certain temperature;
  • special purpose.

The great advantage of trailed equipment is that it allows you to save time when unloading-simply unhooking the loaded trailer, freeing the truck.

Maz technique

All products of the Minsk manufacturing plant are the result of continuous work on quality improvement, introduction of design innovations, regular technical re-equipment. Today, the Maz brand competes with world-class car manufacturers.

The model range of Maz trailer equipment is trailers and semi-trailers of various configurations and for any purpose. Many models meet the requirements of TIR-International Road Transport, which simplifies customs inspection and saves time.

Species and their description

About 30 types of trailed vehicles are produced by the plant, the choice of which depends on the type of cargo, its weight, dimensions, transportation distance, truck model. By design, the trailer is more difficult to manage, since it is practically an independent vehicle and its maneuvers can not always be foreseen. At the same time, it takes a significant part of the load. Semi-trailer-attached part of the truck, easier to drive, but more load on the truck.

Прицепная техника МАЗ

  • Trailers with steel flatbed sides and awning-universal purpose, used as part of a road train. The permissible weight of the transported 5200-5400 kg, spring suspension, dimensions 2300x2480x6220/5300 mm. There are variants of models without an awning-suitable for transit traffic.
  • Trailers on air suspension tented with folding flatbed sides that meet the requirements of TIR. The maximum weight of the cargo is 18 tons, the length of the platform is up to 8500 meters.
  • Semi-trailers with folding flatbed sides and awning, with different suspension options, carrying capacity up to 26 tons, length up to 13.5 m, with TIR sign.
  • Trailers-dump trucks - for the transportation of bulk and agricultural products with bilateral side unloading.
  • Chassis under the isothermal body-maximum weight-29 tons, lightweight frame.
  • Trailer dump tractor-for transportation of agricultural products with front unloading.
  • Heavy truck - for transportation of equipment and heavy solid cargo.
  • Semi-trailer for transportation of reinforced concrete panels.
  • Container ship - with a supporting frame, for transporting one or two containers.

There are also models for working with building materials, lightweight(wood chips).

Advantages of Maz products

Прицепная техника МАЗ

In the modern market, it is not easy to keep the bar and maintain the profitability of the enterprise. Why is the equipment of the Minsk automobile plant in demand for many years, despite the large number of competitors?

  • First, quality-Maz is the holder of a certificate confirming compliance with international requirements for the design, production and maintenance of transport.
  • Secondly, prices-Maz products fully correspond to the price-quality ratio.
  • Thirdly, constant development, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the consumer.

Vehicles, including trailed equipment, cost a lot of money, which for a successful business should quickly pay off due to the uninterrupted operation of all mechanisms. Maz produces products that will not fail in any conditions - in terms of performance, reliability and wear resistance, it has no equal.