Urgent sale!!! Available in Vologda crane Ivanovets

The KS-5576B truck crane, with a lifting capacity of 32 tons, is mounted on the Maz-6312 chassis (6 x 4).

Color white, 270 hp

Price: on request

Crane mechanism drive - hydraulic from a pump driven by a chassis motor. The hydraulic drive provides ease and simplicity of crane control, smooth operation of mechanisms, a wide range of operating speeds, combination of crane operations.


The arrow - telescopic four-section. The first retractable section is telescoped by one hydraulic cylinder, and the second and third sections are extended synchronously by another hydraulic cylinder and a rope rescue.

Microprocessor load limiter with digital information indication allows you to monitor the degree of loading of the crane, the length and departure of the boom, the height of the boom head; shows the actual value of the load on the hook and the maximum load capacity at this departure, as well as automatically limits the range of the crane at specified coordinates when working in cramped conditions. The telemetry memory installed in the limiter ("Black Box") Records the operating parameters, as well as the degree of load of the crane during the entire service life.