Last week in Sochi, the Championship of the Krasnodar Territory in the all-around among bus drivers was held.

Such an auto show on the Formula 1 track has not yet been seen. Bus drivers had a rare opportunity to drive at maximum speed and evaluate what their vehicles are capable of.
Where they are used to screeching brakes and exorbitant speeds, when a racing car sweeps in front of the audience in seconds, today there were regular buses. They first appeared on the Formula 1 race track in Sochi. It should be noted that the drivers have passed a serious selection in order to get to this competition.

The first stage was high-speed maneuvering. Here it was important not only to drive fast, but also to stop quickly. This driving technique can be useful only in emergency situations. While some are trying to fit into the turn, others smoothly maneuver between the cones.

The second stage is comfortable driving, in which the skill of drivers was tested with the help of a container filled with water located in the bus cabin. Under the curtain on the track performed stunts and crews of traffic police.

The Minsk automobile plant dealership organized a presentation stand for potential customers next to the highway, presenting the Maz 203058 bus here.